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Joy-Raising exists to partner with caring communities to increase their success in the areas of advancement and diversity, equity and inclusion. We do this in several ways, according to your needs and goals. Whether 1:1 with a head of school, or in medium or large groups, our goal is always progress through change. Our broad range of services and solutions help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and live their mission to the fullest.

The Roundtable

Skill Mastery in Community

(9 sessions)
The signature program of Joy-Raising. Cohort of fellow advancement/fundraising professionals. Yearlong journey. Monthly workshop. Innovative curriculum. Thought leaders. Burning questions. Next level colleagues. Learn, develop, grow.

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Momentum and Change

Substantial Steps

(3 sessions) 
It’s time to take a step. Have you been talking about equity, diversity and inclusion and just don’t know where or how to begin or take an official step? Does your board feel uncertain about what’s possible for your fundraising? Do you need a partner to help you articulate the big dream you have to make it a reality? Assessment, strategy, advice,  Session 1- What’s the issue? Discussion with leadership, discussion with interested constituents (staff, volunteers, clients) Session 2- What I heard, what’s possible, next steps, Session 3- A plan to develop a plan, Full group facilitation, plan for leadership’s next steps

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Achieve Your Goals

(Year long community engagement)
When your community is ready for measurable and lasting change set goals, determine team structure and roles, strategy, planning,  solicitations, database review, bigger goals, better results. Unpack the moment, assess the landscape, set goals, develop strategies, action plan for success

The Next Step

From the Top

Head of School Support

A new Head of School often comes to the role as a master educator with degrees, decades of experience teaching, faculty management and curriculum development under their belt. What they regularly lack is exposure to fundraising and advancement. Virtually overnight, they become the lead fundraiser AND manager of a seasoned advancement professional. Joy-Raising, helps to make a smooth transition into this part of their role so that they quickly gain skills and fulfillment in this important part of their new work.

What do you need to know and do right away? What do you want to accomplish in the first three years? How do you manage a development department? How do you manage the perception that you are catering to those with money?

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