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Join The Community:
A results driven and inclusive approach to philanthropy for your organization

Welcome to "The Community" by Joy-Raising! At its core, philanthropy thrives on collaboration and teamwork. Our program offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in Joy-Raising's inclusive philanthropic framework alongside fellow members within your organization and beyond. You'll improve your fundraising results, crystalize your strategic planning for philanthropy and have real time support for the issues that matter to you most. 

With an annual membership, you gain exclusive access to a plethora of resources designed to support you and your organization as the landscape continues to evolve. From weekly support sessions to monthly masterclasses, "The Community" is your platform for continuous learning and growth. It's time to elevate your impact and establish sustainable practices for long-term success.

Don't leave your philanthropic endeavors to chance. Join us in "The Community" and let's transform the way you work together towards meaningful change.

Annual membership for your whole team

Raising money and building community is a team sport. When you join The Community, all members of your organization are also members of The Community. This means that the learning and growth is not limited to one person but extends to all professionals, board members and volunteers. A shared experience for increased success. 

Discounts for Joy-Raising events

Joy-Raising offers several signature experiences including The Academy, The Summit and The Space. As a member of The Community, members of your organization will be eligible for discounted fees for these events. Please note that The Academy is open to all and The Summit and The Space are affinity spaces for people of color.

Monthly masterclasses

Each month Joy-Raising will provide a live interactive 90 minute session on a timely topic such as: launching your annual fund for success, hosting inclusive events, onboarding new trustees, capital campaign planning, building a strong team for longterm success, strategies to reach goals when you're lagging behind and many other useful topics when you need them most. 

Regional gatherings

Periodically Joy-Raising will bring together members of The Community in person to strengthen our connections and provide opportunities for learning. Whether a regional event or a chance for connection at a conference, these points of connection are important opportunities to grow your network and deepen your bench of support. 

Weekly office hours

You have questions? We have answers. Join each week with the things that you want to talk about most. Together we will generate ideas and help you prepare for the challenges and opportunities you face. Bring your board chair, gala volunteers or CFO. Each week will be its own adventure. These sessions are exclusively for members of The Community. 

Post your job announcements

Finding great team members is not easy and Joy-Raising wants to help you. Members of The Community will have the opportunity to post job opportunities at no cost with Joy-Raising. Your opportunities will be posted on the Joy-Raising site, mentioned in LinkedIn Posts and shared in Joy-Raising's newsletter. 

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