Where People of Color in Philanthropy Thrive

June 23 and 24

9:00AM- 2:00 PM PST

Community - Leadership - Affinity - Progress

The Summit is a unique two-day experience created for and by people of color in philanthropy and hosted by Joy-Raising. Through engaging conversations with thought leaders we will each learn more about how we can use our talent to positively impact solutions to our society's most challenging issues.


Welcome to The Summit!

Together Let's Do Great Things

Welcome! I'm Tesha McCord Poe, Founder of Joy-Raising and I'm thrilled that The Summit will gather a community of leaders to explore and grow individually and collectively. The voices of professionals and donors of color are critically needed in philanthropy and The Summit is only the beginning of how we will make an impact together. Thank you for your interest in this Joy-Raising experience.

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Day 1- Wednesday, June 23
9:00 AM - 2:30 PM PST

Making History - CEO's - Board Leaders - Venture Capitalists

 9:00 AM*    Welcome to The Summit

 9:30 AM     History Making Gifts

11:00 AM    CEO Roundtable

12:00 PM    Board Leaders Speak

  1:30 PM    What Philanthropy Can Learn from Venture Capital

*All times are  Pacific Standard Time



History Making Giving
9:30 AM PST

When Gifts and Donors Move Needles

Some gifts are game changing and have an impact that endures for generations. Join John Rogers, Jr., Chairman, Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer at Ariel Investments and Jason Taylor, CFO at Northern Trust Corporation, for a special discussion about the importance of giving in large, strategic and impactful ways. The impact of their philanthropic leadership is felt well beyond their two  shared alma maters, The University of Chicago Lab Schools, where they both have had the distinction as Board Chair and Princeton University. 

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The CEO Roundtable

Insights from Those Who Are THE Leader

Leading an organization is a challenge for anyone. Leaders of color often face particular challenges and opportunities. Join this discussion with Ron GonzalesAlicia GuevaraJadi Teveras and others as they discuss their  "view from the top" as a leader of color. You will be inspired to learn about their leadership journey, management styles and keys to personal success. 


In The Room Where It Happens: Board Chairs Speak
12:00 PM PST

Board chairs share their experiences as leaders. Why is it important that we're in the room?

Nonprofit boards depend on the skill, investment and availability of its members. The spoken and unspoken expectations of trustees can make it difficult for underrepresented groups to access opportunities to serve or to fully contribute. These leaders will share their insight about their successful journeys in board leadership. Join Reveta Bowers, James Calleroz White, George Dickinson and Crystal Mickles for a riveting conversation.

Headshot Reveta Bowers.jpeg
Headshot James Calleroz White.jpeg

Reveta Bowers

Headshot George Dickinson.jpeg

Board Chair, Spirit of Atlanta

Manager Business Development at Caliche Development Partners

Headshot Crystal Mickles.JPG

Crystal Mickles

Board Chair, Live Oak School San Francisco

Regulatory Relations, Wells Fargo


What Philanthropy Can Learn From Venture Capital
1:30 PM

Vision, passion and trust: Investing in leadership will lead to the greatest returns

It's easy to conclude that venture capital and philanthropy are vastly different. And in many ways, they are. But there are important overlaps that can provide guidance as the nonprofit world strives for excellence, growth and sustaining operations through turbulent times. Join these luminiary leaders-- Erik Moore and Dr. Trent Haywood--  to learn valuable insights that can help those who lead and invest in  philanthropy to achieve greater success by enhancing our expectations and trusting our talented nonprofit leaders as they endeavor to meet challenging goals. 

Photo  for the Summit Erik Moore.png

Erik Moore

Founder and Managing Director, Base Ventures

Founder, Knowality

Former Chief Medial Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

Headshot Trent Haywood .jpeg

Co-Founder and General Partner, Reach Capital

Headshot Shauntel Garvey.jpeg
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Day 2- Thursday, June 24
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM PST

Legacy - Foundations - Wellness- Impacting Systems

9:00 AM*   Welcome Back

9:30 AM    Kathy Sledge- Legacy Building 

11:00 AM  Foundation Leaders Speak

12:00 PM  Wellness as Your Superpower

1:00 PM    Systems Changing Philanthropy

*All times are  Pacific Standard Time



Legacy Building Through Storytelling
9:30 AM

Vision, passion and trust: Investing in leadership will lead to the greatest returns

Kathy Sledge! Yes, THAT Kathy Sledge will join her daughter Kristen and seasoned journalist and author Ayana Byrd for a fascinating conversation about legacy, storytelling and philanthropy. For decades Kathy's music has been the soundtrack of some of our most festive and memorable moments. Together with her daughter Kristen, Kathy created an online interactive talk show on IG called #family room that has brought together fans and family during the difficult time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Ayana Byrd is an author, journalist and screenwriter who has contributed to some of the most important conversations about race, beauty and culture over the last 20 years. 

Photo for Kathy Sledge.jpeg

Singer, Songwriter, Author, Philanthropist

Ayana Byrd Headshot.jpeg

Author, Journalist, Screenwriter


Pulling Back the Curtain: Foundation Leaders Forum
11:00 AM PST

Power and Purpose

Foundations have a rich history of investment in solving some of the most important challenges that we face. Whether institutional or private, foundations enjoy a powerful role on the landscape of solutions sought through philanthropy. Hear from foundation leaders about how they approach their work addressing large scale issues and how you can explore ways to join them. Dalila Wilson Scott, Tovah McCord and Raena Saddler will share their insights from their unique vantage points as foundation leaders.

Dalila Wilson Scott Headshot.jpeg
Headshot for Tovah McCord.jpeg
Headshot Raena Saddler.jpeg

Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer,
Comcast Corporation
President, Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation

Executive Director, Northern Illinois Community Initiatives

Product Manager, Social Impact


Wellness as Your Superpower

Sustaining Your Presence By Investing In You

Sustaining ourselves as philanthropy professionals and particularly front line fundraisers is a challenge as we are always acting on behalf of others putting their interests and needs before our on for the sake of reaching our dollar and strategic goals. Nonetheless, with intention,  it is possible to find balance and joy daily in our work.  We've assembled a wise council of experts who will provide guidance about how to thrive year after year even in the most challenging circumstances. Karen Osborne, Dr. June Parks and Michelle Maldonado Lopes will have a critical conversation facilitated by Tammy Charles

Photo for the Summit Karen Osborne.png

Senior Strategist, The Osborne Group

Headshot for Tammy Charles.jpeg

Founder and CEO, INOVO Strategic Consulting

Headshot Michelle Maldonado.jpeg

Michelle Lopes Maldonado

Founder, Lucenscia
Candidate, Virginia House of Delegates

Headshot June Parks.jpg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Systems Changing Philanthropy

Advancing innovative philanthropic solutions to conquer our biggest challenges

Nicole Taylor and Issac Vaughn will have one of the most important conversations in philanthropy this year with us at The Summit. With more than $6B in assets, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation is the largest community foundation in the country, by a lot. Nicole Taylor is the CEO and she and SVCF Board member Isaac Vaughn will discuss the privilege, power and potential of community foundations thoughout the country. Come and gain insight from Nicole and Issac in this rare and meaningful conversation.

Nicole Taylor Headshot Use This.jpg

President and CEO
Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Headshot Issac Vaughn.jpeg

COO, Zenefits
Board Member,
Silicon Valley Community Foundation



What You Need to Know About The Summit

If the cost of attending is a barrier, how do I become a Summit Fellow?

If you believe that you will learn and grow from your participation in The Summit, but cost is a barrier, we encourage you to apply to be a Summit Fellow. A limited number of fellowships are available through the generosity of Summit Sponsors who are helping to build a pipeline of people of color in philanthropy.

Is is possible to become a Summit Sponsor?

Yes! We encourage you to consider joining Summit Sponsors to help to grow the pipeline of people of color who are professionals and volunteers in philanthropy.

Sponsor Levels:

Platinum   $35,000        Underwrite Registration for 100 Fellows 

Gold         $17,500         Underwrite Registration for 50 Fellows

Silver        $7,000           Underwrite Registration for 20 Fellows

Bronze     $3,500           Underwrite Registration for 10 Fellows

Contact: info@joy-raising.com

Once I register, how will I access this virtual event?

Once registered, guests will receive unique login information and directions about how to access the event.

Are refunds available if I am no longer able to attend the event?

A 50% refund will be available up until June 14, 2021.  After that date registration is nonrefundable. However, a recording of the event will be available to registrants for a limited time.


Our Valued Summit Sponsors

We are grateful to partner with these Individuals and organizations to support Summit Fellows

To help ensure that cost is not barrier to participation in the Summit, we've partnered with these individuals and organizations. A major goal of The Summit is to build the pipeline of people of color who participate in philanthropy professionally. In addition, we aim to support professionals already in philanthropy as they continue to make an impact and thrive.

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