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Praise for Joy-Raising

We appreciate this praise from our partners past and present

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Shannon Petrello, Campaign Director

Participant in The Relaunch

This client approached us for consultation on how to transition from a small, local business to a larger, regional business. Our collaboration has been truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to see this business thrive as a leader in their industry.

Logo Spirit of Atlanta.png

George Dickinson, Board President

Strategic advice in challenging times

"Spirit of Atlanta Drum and Bugle Corps partnered with Joy-Raising to provide the organization with insight into our current fundraising efforts, and how to grow skills and capabilities to execute more successful campaigns.  As a competitive youth performing arts non profit organization, we faced the loss of our performing season during the summer of 2020 and needed experienced guidance.  Our time with Joy-Raising allowed us to effectively use our communication channels with our donors and alumni, and also develop marketing campaigns that sustain long term donor investment in our mission.  We are now able to create strategies and messaging that resonate with our base, and structures that make donating easy for them.  With the thoughtful leadership of Tesha McCord Poe, our leadership was able to take the first steps to build successful long term relationships with our donors."

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Nanci Kauffman, Head of School

Strategic Partnership

Tesha’s work and leadership resulted in strategic advancement and fundraising success. She brought new ideas to an established system and created opportunities to raise more money and create meaningful cultivation, stewardship and community events. She leaned into the challenge of making our View360 event sustainable and set a strategy that doubled our revenue and created a lasting model for the event. Somehow she often made donors feel like she was doing them a favor when they gave their gift because of her empathy and effective communication with them. Tesha is able to connect with donors regardless of difference and finds creative solutions to challenging problems. As Head of School, my work with Tesha helped me to become even more comfortable and confident in my role as the lead  fundraiser. She is willing to ask hard questions in order to help everyone in the room to reframe an issue or consider a different perspective. While Tesha is able to  connect deeply 1:1 she is also able to do this with large crowds as public speaking is one of her notable strengths. Her opening talk at our assembly welcoming Bryan Stevenson is a highlight for both of us.

Logo Hillbrook School Long.png

Mark Silver, Head of School

Successful partnership on many fronts

Whether a large fundraising campaign, an enrollment project or spearheading DEI initiatives, Tesha leads with compassion, listens intently and inspires with her words. When she talks, people listen. She is results oriented and always keeps the goal at the center of the work. She is someone I continue to turn to for insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

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