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The Relaunch

Unpacking our practices to create more inclusive philanthropy programs

A four part series that will give you strategies to examine what you are doing that is standing in the way of being more inclusive. 

Session #1: Building Diverse Teams & Board Composition​

Session #2: Cultivation, Stewardship and the Ask​

Session #3: Volunteer engagement through an equity lens​

Session #4: Setting goals that matter: Money, Team, Progress, Innovation

The Relaunch is offered in a private series for your organization and also in an open community with peers.

Group Meeting

The Roundtable

Building Mastery in Community

If you're ready to master your skills in fundraising, Advancement management and strategic thinking in philanthropy, then join The Roundtable.

The Roundtable is a year long monthly deep dive into the most critical topics in Advancement. Led by Joy-Raising Founder, Tesha McCord these engaging sessions will give you an opportunity to build skill and community in order to deepen your impact. Thought leaders enhance the experience with inspiration and wisdom

Topics include: Setting goals that matter, Finance 101, perfecting the "ask", managing in every direction, planned giving, events with impact, creating an inclusive culture of philanthropy and more.

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